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Body Restoration Workshop Series Presents…

Put Out the Flame on Inflammation!

  • Ever wondered what inflammation is?
  • What the connection is to preventing, reversing & managing the most common diseases, like: diabetes, heart disease, obesity?

Learn how to manage inflammation and what foods cause and reduce it. And what health products are recommended to put the flame out on inflammation!

Presenter: Registered Dietitian: Rich Lozano, RD

Date: Thursday, March 30th
Time: 6:30pm– 7:30 PM
10 Summit Ave. Berkeley Heights.
Donation: $10

Reserve your seat: 908-464-4644

March 26th deadline

Rich Lozano, RD

Rich is a mobile dietitian and owner/operator of RL Whole Nutrition. He has been a practicing Registered Dietitian since 2008 and has applied his expertise at various outpatient medical practices in NJ. Rich has also had 4 years experience at Morristown Medical Center as a clinical dietitian. 
Rich practices integrative nutrition protocols with all patients that can include micronutrient/hormone/neurotransmitter/genetic/cardio-metabolic blood testing along with individualized meal planning. Common topics patients are educated on include diabetes, hypertension, obesity, weight loss, weight gain, lean-muscle gain and sports nutrition, general healthy eating for improved health, high cholesterol and heart disease, cancer, autoimmune disorders, and most importantly how to eat to reverse/prevent chronic disease and cancer for the future.