GROUP Class Descriptions:

Please be sure to reserve your spot in our Group Classes. There are only 4-5 spots/class. Duration of each class is 45-50 minutes unless otherwise noted.

Box & Burn:

fitness-focused boxing class. An intense class of 1-on-1 mitt work, bag work, strength & conditioning, agility, plyometrics and much more! (45 minutes)

Fascia Flow:

focuses on optimal flexibility, mobility, strength, performance, and pain relief. Translation: unlock your joints and move and live pain-free. (30-minutes)

Ladder Workout:

is a full body, challenging and fun workout. Focusing on functional movements, resistance and body weight exercises, and balance challenges, Ladder goes after both the big muscles and the smaller, stabilizing muscles. Expect to climb, hang, lunge, squat, push, pull, and more. (45 minutes)

Pilates Fusion:

a total body Pilates workout. With the use of light weights/resistance bands, you will develop lean muscle, improve posture and core strength. Look better, feel better and improve bone density. (40 minutes)

SGT (Small Group Training):

bridges the gap between personal training and group fitness classes. Personal attention and instruction plus a much more progression program than you would get in a large group class. Sessions include resistance training, balance training, core stabilization, flexibility training. Personal Attention, Accountability and Actual Progress. (45 minutes)


low impact surface keeps you lean and strong while preserving your joints. Rebounding is 50% more efficient at than running. One of the best workouts to strengthen and detoxify your lymphatic system. We alternate between Rebounding and Resistance training. (35 minutes)

2018 Group Schedule

Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday
8:10am Small Group Training Pilates Fusion Ladder Workout *Small Group Training
9:00am Small Group Training Pilates Fusion Ladder Workout *Small Group Training Life Stretch Ladder Workout
10:00pm Life Stretch


5:00pm Pilates Small Group Training
6:00pm Pilates Ladder Workout Small Group Training

*Thursday’s SGT will rotate focus each week. TrampoLean/Boxing/Ladder.

Pricing Information

Purchase Sessions

# of Sessions

Group Classes

Private 30 minute Sessions


$20 $50


$90 ($18 each)
2 month expiration
$235 ($47 each)
2 month expiration


$160 ($16 each)
4 month expiration
$440 ($44 each)
4 month expiration

Monthly Unlimited

Unlimited monthly classes
Maximum of 12 sessions/month. No carry-over.


Body Restoration Program

Includes: Unlimited Monthly Classes, 10 Private 30-minute sessions. No carry-over. (must be completed within 10 weeks).

24 hour cancelation is in effect for all classes and private appointments.

Body Work Sessions

Fascia Stretch Sessions

# of Sessions

30 Minutes

60 Minutes

90 Minutes


$50 $95 $145

3 Pkg

$135 ($45/session) $270 ($90/session) $405 ($140/session)

10 Pkg

$425 ($42.50/session) $800 ($80/session) $1,250 ($125/session)

20 Pkg

$800 ($40/session) $1,520 ($76/session) $2,320 ($116/session)

Kinesiology Taping Pricing



Add-on to any service


Golf Fitness Program Pricing

Package of Two Private Golf Fitness Sessions


Package of Five Private Golf Fitness Sessions


Package of Ten Private Golf Fitness Sessions


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